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Clansman ACCU Charging unit, 110-240v ac 16 outlet charging unit for the 24v 1Ah, 4Ah and 5Ah, nickel, cadmium or alkaline batteries, PRC320/344/350/351/352. Operates on 110-240v ac (Changeable) The set is complete with 5 battery charge leads and the box lid. NOT THE MAINS POWER CABLE AS THESE VARY COUNTRY TO COUNTRY, IN STOCK SOLD SEPARATELY. 6130 99 117 0451 6130991170451 SDD219679 640-1-14628 PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL CHANNELS WILL CHARGE AT THE SAME TIME, AT LEAST 10 CHANNELS WILL CHARGE AS THEY SHOULD, DUE TO AGE SOME LINES NO LONGER WORK.

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Clansman ACCU Charging unit