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Clansman PRC351 or PRC352 20 Watt RF Power Amplifier assembly. Boosts the 4 Watt output of Clansman model PRC351 to a 20 Watt PRC352 Radio. Operates in the VHF band of 30-76 Mhz in 3 selectable ranges: 30-40 Mhz, 40-55 Mhz, 55-76 Mhz. uses radio battery of 24 volt DC to operate. Can not be used on high power transmit using the radios standard whip antenna instead a Ground-Spike Antenna. The amplifier can only be used on high power as a fixed radio station or in a vehicle using vehicles own antenna system. For manpack operations using whip aerial the radio is operated on low power bypassing the amplifier. RF amp works with other VHF clansman radios and needs around 1.5 watts input power to produce 20 Watts of output power. Connections are by standard BNC antenna plugs.

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Applicable Models

Clansman PRC351 PRC352