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Brand New (Replacement) RAVENOL
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Description Ravenol ATF 6HP Fluid is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF), produced with a blend of hydrocrack oils and synthetic PAO with special additives and inhibitors to ensure smooth and reliable operation of ZF high performance automatic transmissions as detailed below. Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid has a neutrally brown colour. 7 litres needed for oil change. Application Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid was developed specifically for use in the latest ZF 6HP-series transmissions, 6HP19, 6HP21, 6HP26, 6HP28, 6HP32, 6HP34, also for 5-speed automatic transmission 5HP-series. It is backwardly compatible for all earlier versions of ZF 4- and 5-speed passenger car automatic transmissions with the exception of 6 HP26A61 in vehicles. Characteristics Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid offers - > A very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures > A high, stable viscosity index > A very low pour point > Exceptional protection against corrosion and foam formation > Good balanced coefficient of friction > Compatible with all types of sealing materials > A high thermal and oxidation stability > Excellent cooling abilities > An excellent shear stability > Lowest evaporation losses > Compatible with all non ferrous components

Applicable Models

Discovery 3 Range Rover L322 Range Rover Sport