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Brand New (Replacement) EBC
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Corresponds to - LR019618 / SFP500010 Front > High friction compound which is effective from cold up to high heat > Effective brake upgrade for heavy-duty braking > Long lasting powerful brakes > Shims, edge chamfers and slots for silent braking EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are British made with Aramid fibres such as Kevlar and Twaron and are one of the highest friction brake pad compounds on today’s market. Not only high in friction from first application when brakes are cold but extremely effective at higher brake temperatures as encountered in faster driving and towing/trailing. These pads are a favourite with the military and are used on armoured vehicles in several countries to handle the higher loads and heat and offer a good brake upgrade. Fitted with shims chamfers, centre slots and the unique EBC Brake in coating for fast bedding in of new brakes these pads are also long lasting and silent in operation.

Applicable Models

Discovery 3 Discovery 4 Range Rover Sport - 2005 - 2009 Range Rover L322