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Brand New (Replacement) BRITPART
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Tyre repair kit* Don’t get caught out with a flat tyre or two! Pack and leave an easy to use Britpart tyre repair kit in your vehicle. *Recommended for off-road use only. How It Works 1. Find and remove the item that caused the puncture. 2. Apply rubber solution to the reamer tool then push the reamer into the puncture and work up and down until the reamer moves easily in the hole. 3. Thread one rubber tyre plug in the hook tool. 4. Push the rubber tyre plug into the hole until 1/2" of the tyre plug remains outside the tyre then turn the hook tool a quarter turn and pull out slowly. 5. Cut off the excess tyre plug as close to the tyre as possible. 6. If the puncture is too big have the tyre fixed by a professional.

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