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This fully automatic Microprocessor Controlled Dual Battery Management System separates the starter battery from auxiliary battery if the vehicle has stopped and links them while the car is running. All Systems are equipped with a 200A power relay. For emergency situation all systems are equipped with the manual override function (Link). This manual linking function (called load sharing) is very helpful for jump starting or when using high current appliances such as an electrical recovery winch, power inverter or compressor. The kit includes a 4.7m wiring loom with sealed automotive plug, battery and crimp terminals for easy installation. The battery monitor is installed in the vehicle (dash) and informs the driver about the charge level of both batteries, the charging voltage from the alternator or an additionally installed solar system and the relay link status. The system offers low battery alarm on both batteries and a link failure alarm. Includes a manual link for 30 and 120 Min with automatic return. DBS Functions Display of Battery Voltage (Energy Level) LED indicators: Green: Batteries are in the safe working range Yellow: Check batteries Red: Batteries should be charged The LED's show the energy level if all loads are switched off: 12.6V = 100% 12.4V = 75% 12.2V = 50% 12.0V = 25% 11.0V = flashing and beeping indicates low battery situation This function is called by pressing the display button for about 30 seconds. Display of Charge Voltage while charging LED indicators: Red: >14.5V: High loading of batteries, may be present at cold ambient temp. for a longer time. Yellow: >14.0V: Proper charge mode. Green: <14.0V: Save charge mode, no damage to batteries. Bi-directional Automatic Battery link While the engine is running the Main and Aux batteries are linked together for parallel charging from the alternator (green LED linked is on). If the engine is stopped, the two batteries will be disconnected automatically with some delay. Appliances as fridges, lights, compressors, inverters are now safely fed from the Aux battery. With the additional charge by solar equipment, battery charger or generator is sufficient for charging, the starter battery will be charged automatically with Aux battery together (green LED "link" lights). Manual Battery "link" In an emergency situation (defective or empty Main Battery) or in case of higher power consumption the two batteries (Main & Aux) may be connected together by activating the link button (red LED manually linked is on) After a laps of time of 30 minutes (or immediately after activating the auto button), the system returns to the automatic mode. When using an electric winch, the battery connection can be activated for 180 minutes by pressing twice the link button. In this mode sounds every 30 seconds a Beep to remind this status(Auto return after time expired). The load sharing function with the manual battery connection reduces the load on the alternator, the wiring and the batteries in the use of the winch. Alarm functions: Low Battery alarm If the battery voltage of one or both of the batteries, is for a longer period below 12V, the sound Low Battery with "Beep" and the LED "Low Battery" of the corresponding battery (Main and / or Aux) flashes. With the Display button, the "Beep" is switched off. The blinking LED "Low Battery" is reset if the battery voltage is exceeding 12V. Link failure alarm The monitor monitors the charge on both batteries. When fitting charge ( from alternator, solar, charger) no charge to the other battery is detected, the link error alarm with flashing green LED "linked" and the "Beep" sounds. If this error occurs, check immediately the wiring of the power cables to (relay, battery terminals, crimp contacts, control relays). After bug fixes, alarm will automatically reset. Deactivation of automatic and manual battery dual link function Is there a problem with the auxiliary battery (Aux) as short circuit of cells, short circuit or defective battery housing, leading to damage of the generator (alternator). In an emergency situation the battery system can be operated in the vehicle in the basic configuration (alternator, starter battery without additional charge to battery aux). By pressing the link button for 6 seconds (until the sound of the beep), the link is deactivated. In this mode, no manual and automatic battery connection is possible. This feature can after solving the battery problem of the battery Aux by pressing the Auto button for 6 seconds to be reset. Now the system is working again with all the functions. DBS Specifications Supply voltage: 4 - 16V System voltage: 12V Measuring range (sense wire blue): 8 - 16V Display range (battery voltage): 11.0V - 12.8V Alarm level main and aux: 12.0V Display Range (charge): 13.0V - 14.5V Accuracy: +/-1% Consumption Monitor: 1mA Consumption max. Display active (30 sec): 80mA Isolator link-on/off threshold: 13.1V/13.0V Consumption on-state (relay): 0.6A Relay Continuous load current: 200A Relais current inrush: 500A Relay contact material: Silver (AG SnO2) Free combination of batteries possible?: Yes Operating Temperature: -40°C - +80°C Housing: ABS black Sealing level: IP40 Size, dimensions: 100 x 65 x 24mm Weight: 800g Cabling: Red - Supply/Sense (Main Battery) Black - GND (Main Battery) Blue - Sense (Aux Battery) Green - Control Relay (open collector) Protected against: Against wrong polarity Against overload of solenoid driving circuit on PC Board with SMD Electronically Security Devices, no fuses have to be replaced.

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