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Brand New (BRITPART)

£374.00(£448.80 incl VAT)

What does 'Genuine' and 'Replacement' mean?

We offer you, the customer, the choice of purchasing either a brand new and genuine Land Rover part. This is a part that is manufactured by Land Rover to their high quality specifications.

The choice of 'replacement' part means a similar after market part, not necessarily manufactured by Land Rover's original supplier. The part numbers remain the same for genuine and replacement parts for identification purposes only.

We source the best quality replacement parts available, not necessarily the cheapest.

We cannot always guarantee you will receive genuine parts in Land Rover packaging dependant on the quantity supplied to us (trade supply).

Product Description:

For something so small these tools are packed with big features...

Integrated Interface Diagnostics Tool
Self contained diagnostic system with integrated interface or Bluetooth/PC/Mac controller app.

Despite its size and price, the IIDTool is a fully featured diagnostic system offering diagnostic functionality otherwise only found in systems costing many, many times more.

The IIDTool offers the following unique advantages:
Speed and ease of use: an easy to use, intuitive menu system provides all commonly used diagnostic functionality much more quickly than PC based systems.

Portability: no power supplies, cables, or additional equipment necessary - simply plug in and use; can be used at the roadside or in the middle of the desert.

Restore to default: upon first use on a vehicle, the IIDTool saves the configuration and settings to allow a restore from backup at any time.

Covers all vehicle systems: from ABS, airbags, and BCM, through engine, instrument pack, and LCM, to steering angle, TPMS, transfer case and transmission – all systems covered.

Enhanced diagnostic functions: includes component / system calibration, CCF (car configuration file) editing, and ECU flash functions.

Includes all EASControl functions: raise and lower the EAS electronic air suspension settings in minutes – without dirty hands!

And much, much more…

From simple fault finding and clearing to complex changes in the vehicle’s car configuration file, the IIDTool does it all - despite its size!

For use with the following products only -
Apple iPad (Mini & iPads - 3rd generation onwards)
Apple iPhone (4S & 5 onwards)
Apple iPod Touch (5th generation onwards)

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Part number:DA6413

Applicable Models:

Range Rover L322 - 2002 - 2005 (up to 5A999999)