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his new FBH controller is ideal for warming your engine on cold winter mornings while sat in the comfort of your house, removing the need to go outside and start your engine to defrost the car which is especially handy if you have a car that has faulty glow or heater plugs. You can lock and unlock the vehicle without the heater stopping. It has a 30 min run time to aim for a default water temp of 76C.

Control is activated by the standard Land Rover remote locking key fob using its 3rd button when set to the ‘Follow me home’ function as seen in your hand book.

The FBH intelligent controller works by establishing communication with the FBH that is already fitted to all diesel Discovery 3’s and Range Rover Sports by reading its status, voltage, temperature and other details. It then issues the commands needed to start the heater for a 30 min cycle. If the heater fails to start then the controller will automatically try and clear old faults and attempt to restart a total of 3 times.

Start and or stop the heater by pressing the remote locking key fob to flash activate the head lights for 2-10 seconds, if the FBH intelligent controller sees that your light have been flashed within the 2-10 second time window it will issue a start command to the Webasto heater. If the same flash lights activation is done a second time the FBH intelligent controller will issue a stop command.

Easy basic 4 wire install. Connections made to 12V battery, GND inner wing, pin 2 of heater and the last to pin 11 of the head light plug. Non-UK LHD cars may need to lengthen the red 12V battery wire to accommodate the battery on opposite side of the car.

Part number:DA6349

Applicable Models:

Discovery 3 - 2.7 TdV6
Range Rover Sport - 2005 - 2010 2.7 TdV6
Range Rover Sport - 2005 - 2009 3.6 TdV8