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Brand New (RAVENOL)

£135.54(£162.65 incl VAT)

What does 'Genuine' and 'Replacement' mean?

We offer you, the customer, the choice of purchasing either a brand new and genuine Land Rover part. This is a part that is manufactured by Land Rover to their high quality specifications.

The choice of 'replacement' part means a similar after market part, not necessarily manufactured by Land Rover's original supplier. The part numbers remain the same for genuine and replacement parts for identification purposes only.

We source the best quality replacement parts available, not necessarily the cheapest.

We cannot always guarantee you will receive genuine parts in Land Rover packaging dependant on the quantity supplied to us (trade supply).

Product Description:

Ravenol ATF 6HP Fluid is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF), produced with a blend of hydrocrack oils and synthetic PAO with special additives and inhibitors to ensure smooth and reliable operation of ZF high performance automatic transmissions as detailed below.

Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid has a neutrally brown colour. 7 litres needed for oil change.

Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid was developed specifically for use in the latest ZF 6HP-series transmissions, 6HP19, 6HP21, 6HP26, 6HP28, 6HP32, 6HP34, also for 5-speed automatic transmission 5HP-series. It is backwardly compatible for all earlier versions of ZF 4- and 5-speed passenger car automatic transmissions with the exception of 6 HP26A61 in vehicles.

Ravenol ATF 6 HP Fluid offers -
> A very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures
> A high, stable viscosity index
> A very low pour point
> Exceptional protection against corrosion and foam formation
> Good balanced coefficient of friction
> Compatible with all types of sealing materials
> A high thermal and oxidation stability
> Excellent cooling abilities
> An excellent shear stability
> Lowest evaporation losses
> Compatible with all non ferrous components

Part number:TYK500050-20L

Applicable Models:

Discovery 3
Range Rover L322
Range Rover Sport