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For something so small these tools are packed with big features...

Integrated Interface Diagnostics Tool
Self contained diagnostic system with integrated interface or Bluetooth/PC/Mac controller app.

Despite its size and price, the IIDTool is a fully featured diagnostic system offering diagnostic functionality otherwise only found in systems costing many, many times more.

The IIDTool offers the following unique advantages:
Speed and ease of use: an easy to use, intuitive menu system provides all commonly used diagnostic functionality much more quickly than PC based systems.

Portability: no power supplies, cables, or additional equipment necessary - simply plug in and use; can be used at the roadside or in the middle of the desert.

Restore to default: upon first use on a vehicle, the IIDTool saves the configuration and settings to allow a restore from backup at any time.

Covers all vehicle systems: from ABS, airbags, and BCM, through engine, instrument pack, and LCM, to steering angle, TPMS, transfer case and transmission – all systems covered.

Enhanced diagnostic functions: includes component / system calibration, CCF (car configuration file) editing, and ECU flash functions.

Includes all EASControl functions: raise and lower the EAS electronic air suspension settings in minutes – without dirty hands!

And much, much more…

From simple fault finding and clearing to complex changes in the vehicle’s car configuration file, the IIDTool does it all - despite its size!
IIDTool IID Tool Bluetooth EASControl EASControl Bluetooth
Integrated interface X X X X
Alternate interface for iOS (from iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd gen, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5) X X
Alternate interface for Android (Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2013 and all devices fitted with a Bluetooth V4.0 transceiver and OS 4.3) X X
Alternate interface with PC over USB X X X
Updatable via USB X X X
Faults read / clear on all vehicle systems X X
Faults read / clear, suspension ECU X X X X
Faults list export via e-mail X
Unique and easy to use suspension heights adjustments procedures
Height adjustment, front, rear or all X X X X
Individual corner calibration (needed after a repair or sensor removal) X X X
Original (default) values backed-up on first use X X X X
3 personalized height profiles memory slots X X X X
Advanced features
Vehicle control modules software updates (re-flashing, limited to a few ECU's. More will be added as development progresses) X X
Car configuration / personalization (CCF editing) X X
Service routines X X
Service routines, suspension X X X
Live data X X
Multiple live data display, recording and chart X X
Live data, suspension X X X
Manual components activation (output control) X X
Manual components activation (output control), suspension X X X

For use with the following products only -
Apple iPad (Mini & iPads - 3rd generation onwards)
Apple iPhone (4S & 5 onwards)
Apple iPod Touch (5th generation onwards)

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Part number:DA6410

Applicable Models:

Discovery 3