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What does 'Genuine' and 'Replacement' mean?

We offer you, the customer, the choice of purchasing either a brand new and genuine Land Rover part. This is a part that is manufactured by Land Rover to their high quality specifications.

The choice of 'replacement' part means a similar after market part, not necessarily manufactured by Land Rover's original supplier. The part numbers remain the same for genuine and replacement parts for identification purposes only.

We source the best quality replacement parts available, not necessarily the cheapest.

We cannot always guarantee you will receive genuine parts in Land Rover packaging dependant on the quantity supplied to us (trade supply).

Product Description:

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Smartnav is Trafficmaster's easy to use satellite navigation system. Smartnav directs you to your destination stress free - It helps you avoid traffic jams, warns you of safety cameras, provides 24 hour personal assistance for emergency and breakdown and can track your vehicle if it has been stolen.

Stress Free Driving:

What would you think if you could have a Smartnav system in your car that:

> Gives you simple instructions on how to get to your destination and tells you when you are going to arrive.
>Navigation service available across Mainland Western Europe.
>Alerts you to traffic problems and guides you around them.
>Helps you avoid congestion charging zones.
>Warns you of safety cameras.
>Provides 24-hour personal assistance, in case of accidents or breakdown.
> Will pinpoint the location of your car and liaise with the police in the event of it being stolen.

All at the press of a button on your dashboard!

Smartnav, an easy-to-use satellite navigation system. Includes a Touchscreen:

Smartnav Touchscreen:

Smartnav Touchscreen is the perfect visual aid for your Smartnav. The discreet and stylish LCD screen has been specifically designed for drivers who prefer the comfort of visual guidance as well as the spoken instructions of Smartnav.

Use the Smartnav Touchscreen to enter your destination by postcode, alternatively select the route to one of your 10 favourite stored destinations, or contact the Smartnav Control Centre to make a request via the PA, as with standard Smartnav. When guidance is active, distances to your next manoeuvre and destination, plus your estimated time of arrival, will be displayed on-screen.

As you approach junctions and roundabouts the Smartnav Touchscreen will display the manoeuvre you need to make, accompanied by spoken instructions. And if you upgrade to the Smartnav Safe Speed option, the speed limit will be displayed on the screen when entering a zone monitored by safety cameras.

With Smartnav Touchscreen, Smartnav services and options are at your fingertips. Simple menus help you to customise the service and access safety and security options. Simply press the Emergency or Breakdown icon on the screen to connect to the appropriate service provider directly. They will automatically be informed of your location and can send assistance straight to you.

Q. What does an installed Smartnav look like in my car?
A. The visible parts of Smartnav are a discrete backlit button, a microphone and speaker. These will be fitted to your vehicle in locations agreed between yourself and the installation engineer. The main unit and wiring will be completely hidden from view and will not interfere with or affect your driving experience.

Q. Can Smartnav be fitted into any car?
A. Smartnav has been designed so that it can be installed in any car. Trained engineers will be able to advise on the best positioning of the unit, button, speakers and microphone so that it does not interfere with existing vehicle equipment.

Q. What are the benefits of having Touchscreen?
A. Touchscreen is ideal if you do lots of driving in inner cities where manoeuvres are complex. It provides instant visual confirmation of the manoeuvre and displays the road names together with a constantly updated arrival time.

Q. Does Smartnav work in Europe?
A. Yes.This is available in the following countries:Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland. Terms & conditions apply.

Part number:LRSNAV

Applicable Models:

Fits to any vehicle.