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Brand New (Genuine)

£10.99(£13.19 incl VAT)

What does 'Genuine' and 'Replacement' mean?

We offer you, the customer, the choice of purchasing either a brand new and genuine Land Rover part. This is a part that is manufactured by Land Rover to their high quality specifications.

The choice of 'replacement' part means a similar after market part, not necessarily manufactured by Land Rover's original supplier. The part numbers remain the same for genuine and replacement parts for identification purposes only.

We source the best quality replacement parts available, not necessarily the cheapest.

We cannot always guarantee you will receive genuine parts in Land Rover packaging dependant on the quantity supplied to us (trade supply).

Product Description:

Beluga Black touch up paint pen.

AutoSharp PensĀ®
These superior touch up pens are made in the US and are as easy to use as a fine felt tip marker. They use a quality urethane paint for a superior colour match.

The AutoSharp Pen has many unique features not otherwise available:

The Pen:
Paint is held in a barrel and automatically dispensed through a fine felt tip, providing the user unparalleled control over their painting instrument.

The Paint:
High quality urethane paint is used which is the same as your vehicles manufacturer. This paint provides the user with a much closer colour match than other companies which primarily use lacquer (old technology) paints.

The Results:
The best you can get without refinishing the damaged areas.

Other colours are available - simply search using 'paint pen' as your search string.

Part number:DA6200

Applicable Models: